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 Eternity Vault Guide

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PostSubject: Eternity Vault Guide   Eternity Vault Guide EmptyFri Nov 09, 2012 12:42 pm

*NOTE: Found this guide here and I thought it would be nice to share on our forums. If we're going to try to become a more formidable presence on our server, we'll need all the help we can get and we'll need to start gearing up our 50s. This is a very well written guide which will help new 50s get into the operations game, and maybe allow us to do some guild ops.


Team Make Up

Having the right classes is essential. Here are the specific classes you want:

Tank x 2 (One can be an off-tank)
Healer x 2
DPS x 4 (Have at least two ranged DPS)

I would also recommend that before you do this Operation, you either have a nearly complete PvP gear set, or have the majority of your armor kitted out in the Ilum daily commendation modification rewards. The stats boost and extra durability will make the run easier. It isn’t a prerequisite, but it just makes the whole run smoother.

The team will be split into two on two occasions. This is why you need two tanks and two healers. It is recommended that the Ops Leader unlock the Ops frame and arrange the team into two columns, designating one team as ‘right’ and the other as ‘left’. This will help coordination later on when the teams have to split. As a general rule of thumb, the tanks should use their Guard ability on the healers.

Crash Landing

Once you make your landing onto Belsavis you’ll be fairly spread out. So make your way past the Tauntauns and regroup at the bottom of the snowy hill. If you peak above the crest of the hill (be careful because the turrets have crazy range and will shred you to pieces) you’ll notice two giant turrets. One will be placed on the left with the other on the far right. It’s worth noting that before we go any further at the time of writing (January 2012) if you wipe on the turrets – the boss won’t spawn. So, either get the turrets down on the first go, or if you wipe, everyone return to med center then reset the Operation quest. It’s a bug that currently exists and hasn’t been addressed in any recent patch notes.

With that eerie foreshadowing of failure on the first attempt, let’s get down to it. As stated earlier, you should have two teams that are split evenly. The ‘left’ team and the ‘right’ team. Each with a tank, healer and two DPS classes. You must assault each turret at the same time, with tanks going first. If anyone else goes first they’ll get fried before they even get across the courtyard.

Assaulting the Turrets

The ‘left’ team takes the left turret and the ‘right’ team takes the right turret; four members per turret. The tank’s job is to take out the TOP turret straight away. It’s pretty tough, but just focus on it. Forget the ‘Power Cells’. The two DPS classes should be guarding the healer; ads (additional enemies) will spawn continuously and it’s their job to mow them down straight away. When there’s a pause in the spawning, the DPS classes should assist in taking out the top turret if they can reach it.

It is IMPERATIVE that the tanks keep turret aggro throughout. If they don’t you’ll wipe because no one else can take the same kind of punishment the tanks can. Also, the turrets have a blood lust for healers. Currently there is a Myth about breaking the turrets line of sight. This is a myth. The turrets would shoot you where you’re sitting given half the chance. The turrets will shoot you regardless of where you are.

The ads can be a bit of a handful. But using Area of Effect stuns really helps deal with them, whilst also preventing them doing damage. If you have a Jedi Knight on your team, get them to use Force Sweep then DPS, then get them to use Awe. It’s roughly eight seconds of total stun time. That’s a long time. Then… if everything has gone to plan, the turrets will be dead, the ads will be dead, and you won’t be. Then the big boss will spawn in the middle of the courtyard. You will have time to heal up so long as no one aggro’s the big massive droid.

Dealing With The Droid That You Are Looking For – XRR-3

The beauty of this guide is that you won’t get to hear members of your team (or more specifically, me) go: “Ok ok, wait… I’m remembering something from that video from E3 when they did that show with the battle against this boss”. The boss, XRR-3, is actually fairly easy, and is easier to do than the turrets. If you can get past the turrets, doing this boss is pretty much in the bag for you.

It’s relatively standard. Healers stay away from the immediate area and everyone DPS him until death. Tanks should always have its aggro. It’s fairly easy to keep his aggro so it’s not much of an issue. The boss has several particular attacks you should watch out for:

The Generic Red Target:

You’ll see this particular targeting area of effect ability with nearly every boss in the game. It’s basically where your avatar is surrounded by a big red target marker. Move out of it. Job done.

The Generic Small Red Target:

This is designed specifically to catch the DPS and tanks out. Past 90% health the boss will begin to start deploying Area of Effect abilities that have quite a small AoE. There’s generally six all around that target multiple targets at once. Basically, move out of them. It’s pretty intense and it’s fairly easy to get caught out. The good news is, it isn’t that powerful. But you definitely don’t want to be constantly hit by it. Don’t make the mistake of circling the boss out of panic, you’ll just run in to a different target. Stand still and if you’re targeted, move out of it. There’s no need to make it harder than it is.

The Super Mega ‘Oh My God Get Out Of The Way’ Missile Attack:

It’s fairly obvious when the boss is doing this attack. Giant rockets will begin firing and grey smoke will begin exiting his person. When this happens you need to run behind the turrets you recently destroyed. Run behind whichever turret is closest to you. Ensure you do break the line of sight. It’s not that difficult and the rockets don’t do massive damage, but if you’re getting hit more than once you’ll know about it. Be quick about it and get out the way. He’ll keep doing it periodically and lasts about ten seconds give or take. Soon as he stops his barrage, get right back in and start killing him.

*NOTE: I have run this operation and dealt with this attack differently. With the right advanced class combination, you can actually all just form up right in front of him, which allows you to keep hammering on the damage. But in order to do this, you will need to have two AoE heals dropped right on top of each other, and a smuggler shield up around those AoE heals, with the entire group inside the heals and shield. This will provide enough heals/defense that you can keep up the damage on him during this ultimate attack. However! I stress that you not try this unless your group are communicating effectively and geared reasonably well.

DPS is the key to a lot of boss fights in this game. If you don’t beat a bosses enrage timer you’re all dead. I haven’t yet hit the enrage timer, so I don’t have the information of the timing of the timer. The whole fight should last between 5-10 minutes and no longer I would say.

Once the boss is dead, EVERYONE LOOT HIM. The first person to loot will trigger the rolling system. But everyone has to loot the boss to receive the Tionese Crystals and so on. Once he’s dead, proceed on inside the Eternity Vault.

Taking the Plunge: Your First Steps Into The Vault

Now that you’ve slain the almighty turrets and the huge ass droid, it’s time to break into the vault. Run up to the main door and interact with the blue circles (locks) on the main door. Destroying them will open the door. It’s fairly straight forward from here on out. Follow the various pathways oo’ing and ah’ing as you go. Once you get across the precarious pathways (don’t fall off…) you’ll face trash mobs until the boss. The trash mobs are listed as generic bosses, but with eight players they’ll go down fairly fast.

As I said, this section is fairly simple; you’re just taking down the Vaults defenses until the boss. There are some things to watch out for though. Once you get to the fourth trash mob; a rather big handful of Flesh Raiders will come running out from the LEFT opening and rush you alongside the big droid trash. They are melee and are pretty tough so be prepared. It’s unlikely they’ll kill you regardless; but it’s always good tactics to ball up together and target the area you’re all standing in with all your Area of Effect attacks. It’ll save time and deal with them pretty quickly.

Trial By Fire

In this section, again, it’s just trash until the boss. They’re all melee, so again get your tank to do his big Area of Effect aggro call and lure them into your ball and area effect them to death whilst DPS’ing them throughout. It’s quite a small section, so rinse and repeat until you come to a big giant cave with lots of lava spewing everywhere with what must be the biggest boss in game.

*NOTE: Other groups I've run this section with have done the clever "knock-them-off-the-edge" thing here. As you're at the entrance to the lava cave from the big reactor core area, send in a tank to pull the first group of trash back toward the group standing in the reactor room. As the tank gets them to the edge of the core, have your knockback team members get in position and blow them over the edge. If done correctly you can take out most or all of these groups, dramatically reducing how irritating these mobs can be. Of course you will need some knockback guys to pull it off. Repeat this process to clear the way for the boss.

Trial By Agility, Lava & Timing

This is a fun boss. It’s unlikely you’ll all die because of the boss. But it is likely you’ll die somehow. With that ominous foreshadowing of your inevitable death, let us begin! Before you enter this giant cave, you will have no doubt noticed the giant lava pits covering 90% of the room. You’d also have probably noticed the teensy tiny little rock path you have to get to the first big rock platform where the boss, Gharj, is.

As usual, the tank should go in first and get the boss aggro and then face him away from everyone else. To get off to a good start; don’t fall in the lava. Quickly, and not clumsily, make your way across the rock path. Then nuke the boss for all he’s worth. The key is making sure everyone stays alive, primarily the tanks as they’re the ones that can take the relentless punishment Gharj likes to give.

*NOTE: The platforms are football-ish in shape (that's an oval with pointed ends for the hopelessly nerdy). I've found the best thing to do is to send the tank to one of the ends of the football, right on the edge, keeping Gharj's back facing the middle, then let the rest of the team fight from behind Gharj.

At certain periods of health he does a giant leap and smashes into the ground, knocking you all down. I’d like to be more specific in telling you when to run, but his smash doesn’t always make this next bit happen. When Gharj does his leap and smashes the ground; start looking for another rock path forming around the current rock platform you’re on. Soon as you see a rock path form, tell everyone to move and move fast. This rock path will lead onto another rock platform. But why should you move onto the next platform? Because the one you were just on just melted. And you don’t want to melt with it.

*NOTE: The tank will likely be the last one over the bridge, meaning s/he will run the greatest risk of sinking into the lava. Another team member can help speed this crossing by using a pull to get the tank there faster.

Then just repeat until Gharj is dead. After you move from the first platform to the second, ads will begin spawning. Forget them until you move to the next rock platform. If you have a class that has a big Area of Effect stun, get them to use it so everyone can move to the next platform freely. Once you reach the platform just nuke the ads. Gharj will stay on the previous platform until it melts away, so you have a bit of time to take out the ads.

You will have to repeat the rock platform move every so often until Gharj is dead. The whole fight doesn’t last longer than 5/10 minutes. It’s a very fun boss with a cool mechanic that will remind you of Sonic or Mario.

*NOTE: This is the end of the TORWars guide on Eternity Vault. I will attempt to find a guide for the remainder of the operation as soon as possible.

*NOTE: The remainder of the guide I found here.

The Path to the Ancient Pylons

Once exiting the caves, players will enter into a large bio-dome type jungle area with a large structure on the other side. Follow the path down the mountain face to the floor of the area. This area is filled with normal and strong type mobs. Have your group make its way to the center clearing all the enemies in their way. Head north and clear all the mobs. You will see the first of two Pylons, ignore it for now and head south to clear the rest of the mobs. Now you are ready to start preparing for the next encounter.

*NOTE: You can avoid all of the trash in this area if you follow a path along the ice ridge to the left, then jump across the lava stream. It's a bit tricky to find. Make sure your group stays together and if someone falls off, wait for them to catch up.

Ancient Puzzle

Split your group into two teams of four. Having the Ops leader editing the overlay to reflect these groups is recommended for clarity. The two teams should be one tank, one healer, and two DPS each.

Send one team to work the North Pylon and the other to work the South Pylon. The following will be very sectioned so that players can easily learn about the enemy waves and read about their specific tasks.

*NOTE: I highly recommend you read my note on the healer class role below and make sure all members of your party, particularly your puzzle solvers, fully understand their roles in this fight before engaging. Make sure both groups are ready before beginning the fight.

Enemy Waves

Rakata Wave: Three or more Rakata Soldiers will spawn with a variety of types. Some will be ranged, other melee, and a few will even use Force powers. They are all weak type but do fairly strong DPS. Feel free to take them down as you see fit whether that be focusing on one target at a time or spreading DPS out and hitting all at once. Just make sure that they are incapacitated by the time the next wave spawns.

*NOTE: Not sure why this guide didn't include this as it's very important to the fight. DON'T attack the Rakata with shields up. The damage will be reflected and you will find yourself losing health very quickly. Wait until the shield disappears to attack the Rakata.

Acklay Wave: One to two Elite Acklay will spawn as a wave every once and awhile instead of Rakata. The Acklay are the largest threat and shouldn't be taken lightly. Their auto-attack, a Slash, isn't too much of a threat, but their Headbutt attack can hit upwards of 8k. Two of those at the same time can take out most DPS and healers in an instant. The best way to handle spawns of two is to CC one of the Acklays and focus on the other. In the event your ranged tank is having trouble handling them or the tank is dead, Acklays can be easily kited by ranged DPS around the area. Beware when kiting though, if you are out of range of the healer or they can't see you, you're on your own!

Class Roles

DPS: Protect the healer from generating threat and DPSing all enemies as quickly as possible. On the Rakata wave feel free to take separate enemies, but stay in the healer's range for quick refreshers. On the Acklay wave focus all DPS on a single Acklay, when it is down go to the next. If there are two, CCing one of them would be the best idea if you can.

Tank: The primary objective of the tank is to DPS the Rakata wave and tank the Acklay wave. Assisting to kill the Rakata is crucial to ensure that there aren't any leftover NPCs to take out in the next wave. Keeping the Acklay's attention is also vital to reduce the risk of it killing one of the DPS or charging after the healer. If you are ranged, kiting is acceptable if necessary, but will make DPS for melees and healing effectively a lot more difficult for your group.

Healer: The healer holds the most important role in this event, operating the puzzle. The healer should stand on top of the panels in order to get a better vantage point, see the puzzle, and easily target all members. You will notice that there is a left and right panel and each one will rotate the puzzle one to the right or left. You want to match the center rotating piece with the image reflected on the left and right of that puzzle level. For example, you see two green tablets so you want to match the center to those. When one level is matched, the puzzle will lock up and wait for the other one to be completed. Once the first level of the North and South Pylon are matched, the healers can start rotating the second icon by using the same panels as before. Keep at it until all four levels are matched. The Pylons go from BOTTOM to TOP. Note: Make sure to heal teammates in-between panel channels. Do not worry about DPSing the NPCs, the other three members of your team should be able to handle them.

*NOTE: The uninformed way to do this puzzle is to sit on one panel, and just keep clicking it until it matches. This will take longer and dramatically increase the chances of your team wiping. The informed way to do it is minimize your game and open this tool to figure out exactly how many times to hit the left or right panels to get the puzzle done as quickly as possible. Make a note of it either on some paper or in ops chat so you can refer to it quickly. Here's a brief explanation: Assuming the color wheel starts on Green then the wheel looks like this: From left to right: GREEN, RED, PURPLE, WHITE, YELLOW, BLUE. All you need to do is look at the color you need to match on the left and right, and the color of the middle pylon, to figure out how many clicks it will take. So lets say your Pylon needs to be, from bottom to top: GREEN, WHITE, PURPLE, GREEN, and your middle Pylon starts from bottom to top at YELLOW, BLUE, WHITE, WHITE. That would mean you would need to rotate the first (bottom) wheel right x2, the second wheel left x 2, the third wheel left x 1, and the fourth (top) wheel left x 3 (it wouldn't actually matter whether you spun the wheel left or right 3x because it would end up on GREEN either way, but given that you're already sitting on the left panel, you might as well stay there).

Once both puzzles have been completed, clear out any remaining enemies and head to the center of the area to claim your reward from the large chest in front of the door. Proceed into the Vault to face... The Infernal Council! * dum dum dum *

(Collective) Duel of the (Collective) Fates

The Infernal Council is a unique fight. There are eight elite enemies all stasis'd. One player will each take one foe to fight. Match ups depend on the player's DPS and the enemy's health. There are two elites for each level of health. Two 28ks, two 48ks, two 70ks, and two 78ks.

28k Health: Healers

48k Health: Tanks

70k Health: Lowest DPS**

78k Health: Highest DPS

**If the lowest DPSers are having a tough time, feel free swapping their positions with the tanks. It should still work if the tanks are geared well.

To activate the fight, the player with one of the closer targets should activate the panel and run to their enemy directly after doing so. This encounter is a fairly simple one-on-one fight between players and their respective target. The trick to it is that once the event is activated, players will be locked in a "Duel of Fates" with their target. Once locked, they cannot assist other players in any way. No healing or buffing anyone but yourself, and no attacking any target then the one you are locked with, even after you have defeated yours. There are many conditions that will cause the group to fail the event and wipe. Here is a list of them:

If a player dies, all enemies will Enrage, killing the players.

If a player takes the aggro of another target, the enemies will Enrage, thus killing the group.

Failing to kill the bosses before their Enrage timer kicks in will cause the players to die.

Healing or buffing another player while they are in combat will cause the enemies to Enrage, killing the players.

Just don't break any of these conditions and you will pass this encounter with relative ease. Claim your prize and continue to the final encounter.

Master of Evil

On the final boss, Soa, there are 3 stages.

*NOTE: Tanks will want to have their preferences set so that the camera can pull all the way out. This will help with the last stage of the fight so the tanks can see the floating pyramids.

Stage 1:

Dps the boss to about 75%. He will periodically charge the small pyramid devices on the ground, which do an AOE that increases in size periodically. Simply avoid those. He will spawn Lightning balls which need to be avoided since they do proximity damage and explode for 8k.

Right before he hits 75% (and same for about 30%) the raid needs to group up near the entrance to the chamber. He will destroy the platforms in the middle, leaving the outer ring. Jump down from platform to platform, destroying the Ancient Power Sources as you go. Sage healers should run as far as they can safely go to setup Salvations for the raid to stand on. Heal up as you go down the platforms until you reach the bottom. Move quickly and s a group as this is the easiest way to wipe on this fight.

Stage 2:

Ranged DPS kill Mind Traps. They will grab an ally and port them to a new zone with a single enemy (about 5k hp, easily killed and heals you when it dies). These need to be DPSed down as quickly as possible, but melee should stay on the boss. He continues to do Lightning Balls. At 30% or so he repeats the part of the fight where he breaks the floor. Follow the same steps to get down. A notification will pop up if you are targetted by ball lighting. Tanks are encouraged to seek out the ball if they are targetted, as they can soak up that damage and get healed back up fairly easily, and that helps keep the ball away from the fight. If you are caught in a mind trap make some note of it in ops chat, or tell someone via voice chat if your team is using it.

Stage 3:

Once on the ground, stage 3 begins. At this point, the boss becomes immune to damage until his shield is broken by standing him underneath a large pyramid that plummets to the ground. When the boss is hit by the pyramid, he becomes vulnerable to damage. This is up to the tank, who will need to be paying attention to the arena to see where the pyramid is spawning and where it moves to. He will need to drag Soa underneath the pyramid in order to have it hit him and drop the shield. This is a dps race for everyone including healers and tanks. Burn him down as fast as possible until the shield comes back up, then resume your roles. If you can't beat him before the enrage kicks in, you will not have long to do so, as he will wipe your party quite quickly.

Mind Traps will spawn frequently and everyone must dps them down. You have about 3 shield breaks before he will enrage. During this phase the lightning balls still spawn. In this phase, the Mind Traps need to be dealt with ASAP.

During the whole fight, he will grab a player and shoot them around the room, incapacitating them, and dealing some damage to them. This lasts for a few seconds.

And that's about it! Once you've beaten him, bask in your shiny new loot, and queue up for Karraga's Palace!

*NOTE: I hope this guide was helpful. If you have any additional tips, clarifications, or corrections, please post them! I'll be looking to post further guides on Ops, Flashpoints, and anything else, and I encourage others to do the same. Please check the forum before posting a new guide to make sure someone else hasn't already done so.
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Eternity Vault Guide
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