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 Training Days

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PostSubject: Training Days    Training Days  EmptyFri Feb 08, 2013 10:32 pm

Hello!! Chit-ren here and I am going to start a training plan for our guild not to insult anyone's skills or ability to play the game. It is a way to learn each other's way of playing and make us better teams and in the long run a dominant Guild in the PvP world of SWTOR. I believe as individuals we are some of the best plays out there, but as we try to play together we become less effective. We don't communicate well and fail to achieve goals as a team but our individual goals are always meet. I would like to start training days to focus on tactics and communications. When we begin I will set a goal or a technique and that will be the focus. It will start out as two person teams that I will randomly put together and they will face another team of two. The first event will be "Attack and Defend" and as one team attacks an area the other will defend the area. This one will focus not on the damage you can do but the way you as a team can work together to compliment each other's skills and help cover their short comings. The second event will be "Protect or Assassinate" and this one will help to target enemy healers and get around there defenders and the other team will work on protecting healers. If this gets Guild approval and the members take to it there will be more events that will all combine to make squads that communicate and dominate the battle field. The date for this (if accepted) will be released soon. Thank you and I hope I did not offend anyone with this but as ranked Warzones are in the future we can all improve.
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Training Days
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