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 Annatural, Sirgreybeard, mrsgreybeard, Darkmawl

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Annatural, Sirgreybeard, mrsgreybeard, Darkmawl Empty
PostSubject: Annatural, Sirgreybeard, mrsgreybeard, Darkmawl   Annatural, Sirgreybeard, mrsgreybeard, Darkmawl EmptyThu Jun 07, 2012 8:14 am

Hello, sorry im not much of a talker.

Annatural = 26 trooper/dps

SirGreyBeard = 19 Trooper/healer

MrsGreybeard = 18 jedi knight

DarkMawl = 3 sith something-or-other (my sons char.)

I have waited years for sw to come out. now its out and i think i just hyped myself up too much. But, im trying to get higher levels its just really tough going solo for a couple hours a day. wish i had more time to play.
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Annatural, Sirgreybeard, mrsgreybeard, Darkmawl
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